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AVCJ China Virtual Forum

China Time

The AVCJ China Virtual Forum will bring together leading fund managers, institutional investors, and industry players from across the globe to connect on a fully interactive digital platform, transcending borders and time zones. This two-day conference will delve into the changing Chinese private equity and venture capital landscape and provide attendees with the knowledge and contacts necessary to invest in the rebound of China.

Through interactive panel discussions, interviews, presentations, and live Q&A sessions, this virtual forum will keep delegates up to date with the latest economic and policy developments in China, as well as reveal the opportunities arising from the current market dynamics and the strategies needed to maximise returns. Cooley is a proud sponsor.

Featured agenda items

September 17
China venture capital: The shifting dynamics
Moderator: Henry Yin

As China’s economy mounts a recovery, the Chinese tech sector has begun to boom once again. Not only has COVID-19 transformed lives and businesses, it has also changed industry dynamics. For example, investors are being more selective with high cash-burn B2C plays and placing greater emphasis on B2B, as well as innovations along industry verticals. Our panellists take a look at China’s venture capital and discuss what might come next.

Discussion topics

  • What will be the emerging investment themes over the next 12 months?
  • Is the enterprise software opportunity being overhyped?
  • How will the next wave of potential unicorns find their feet?
  • What is the exit outlook for Chinese tech companies?

September 17
IPO and exit outlook in 2021 and beyond
Moderator: Will Cai

Exit activity slowed significantly in the first half of 2020 and will remain sluggish for the rest of the year as fund managers delay their exit plans due to stressed valuations. However, as soon as market conditions recover, exits may quickly bounce back as secondary investors are keen to offer liquidity solutions. In addition, although listing in the US has become more challenging, the appetite for IPOs remains strong; and while favourable policies are encouraging IPOs in Shanghai and Shenzhen, another option could be Hong Kong. Our panellists predict the exit outlook for 2021 and beyond.

Discussion topics

  • What opportunities and challenges are GPs facing in preparing their portfolios for exit?
  • How is the secondaries market in China evolving?
  • Will there be more demand from strategic investors, especially in hot sectors such as tech and healthcare?
  • Is Hong Kong a viable alternative to the US for IPOs? What about Shanghai and Shenzhen?=

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Will Cai Partner, Hong Kong
Henry Yin Partner, Beijing