Garth Osterman

    • Canoo to List on Nasdaq Through Hennessy Capital Merger 

    • Hyliion to Combine With Tortoise, a Special Purpose Acquisition Company 

    • Workday Signs Agreement to Acquire Scout RFP for $540 Million 

    • Adaptive Insights Sale to Workday for $1.55 Billion 

    • Meetup: Sale to WeWork 

    • SELLAS Life Sciences Group to Merge with Galena Biopharma 

    • Anova Applied Electronics: Sale to Electrolux 

    • Del Monaco Foods: Sale to Kettle Cuisine 

    • Apex Maritime: Sale of Majority Equity Stake to Kerry Logistics 

    • Shipston Equity Holdings: Compass Automotive Group Acquisition 

    • EyeLock: Acquired by VOXX International 

    • EyeLock: Acquired by VOXX International 

    • Leading Hydroponics Wholesaler and Manufacturer: Sale of Significant Equity Interest  

    • Shipston Equity Holdings: Busche Enterprise Division acquisition 

    • Cazador Acquisition Corporation: Net Element Acquisition 

    • Trident Microsystems: NXP Television Systems' Set Top Box Acquisition