Women's Initiative

Women partners and associates are helping set the tone for what has become an exciting and encouraging working environment for women lawyers. Members of the Women's Initiative work together to develop initiatives throughout the year, including professional development programs, opportunities for mentoring and social events.

Jane Adams Partner San Diego
Kay Chandler Partner San Diego
Michal Berkner Partner London
Joanne Elieli Associate London
Sonya Erickson Partner Seattle
Brooke Fritz Special Counsel Colorado
Colleen Gillis Partner Reston
Jessica Girone Associate Los Angeles
Sascha Grimm Partner London
Joanna Liebes Hubberts Associate San Diego
Madison Jones Partner Washington, DC
Heidi Keefe Partner Palo Alto
Jonie Kondracki Partner San Francisco
Jamie Leigh Partner San Francisco
Shira Nadich Levin Partner New York
Mary Maher Lewis Associate Reston
Laura M. Medina Partner Colorado
Barbara Mirza Partner Los Angeles, Palo Alto
Sepideh Mousakhani Associate Palo Alto
Marya Postner Partner Palo Alto
Louise Ryberg Associate London
Amy McCowan Smith Associate San Francisco
Cullen Drescher Speckhart Partner Washington, DC, New York
Courtney Thorne Associate Boston