2011 Minimum Compensation Rates

New Year Brings Few Changes in Minimum Compensation Rates

Employers should review compensation rates for both exempt and nonexempt employees to ensure compliance with current legal thresholds. Set forth below are rates at the federal level, and for some states and localities, that apply to the most common job categories.

The following minimum compensation rates are effective as of January 1, 2011:

Executive$455/week1 on salary basis
Professional or Administrative$455/week on salary or fee basis
Computer$27.63/hour (no change from 2010)
Highly Compensated$100,000 total compensation (including minimum $455 minimum weekly salary or fee)
Licensed practicing medical doctor or attorney; teacherNone
Business Owner (20% minimum equity and engaged in management)None
Outside salesNone
In the following jurisdictions, higher rates prevail as shown. Not all states are reflected.
$9.79/hour (San Francisco) (increase from 2010)
Executive, professional or administrative$2,773.33/month on salary basis
Computer$37.94/hour, $6,587.50/month or $79,050/year
Licensed Physician$69.13/hour
COLORADONonexempt$7.36/hour (still proposed; not final) (increase from 2010)
NEW YORKNonexempt$7.25/hour
WASHINGTON, DCNonexempt$8.25/hour
Nonexempt$8.67/hour (increase from 2010)
Outside Sales Exemptionguaranteed salary, commission, or fee


1 Equivalent amounts if paid on salary basis: $910 biweekly; $985.83 semimonthly; $1971.66 monthly; or $23,660 annualized.

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