Michael Rhodes

    • Rappi Defeats Trade Secret Misappropriation Case 

    • Trial Win for eBay in Delaware Shareholder Dispute 

    • Trial win for Facebook in patent case targeting “Like” button 

    • Defeated Class Certification in Gmail Class Actions With Potential of Damages in the Billions 

    • Complete win for virtual reality leader Oculus VR in trademark case 

    • Cooley Achieves Landmark VPPA Decision 

    • Facebook Kills 'Oculus' Trademark Suit 

    • eBay Data Breach Class Action Successfully Dismissed 

    • Federal Circuit affirms patent cancellation in Facebook’s first-ever patent case 

    • High-Profile Privacy Class Actions Successfully Resolved for Facebook 

    • LinkedIn Data Breach Class Action Successfully Resolved 

    • Winning Trial Counsel in Facebook’s Only Two Patent Trials to Date